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Notes on Vintage Items

Vintage is original and never goes out of style:

Given each has its own pre-loved history, vintage jewellery is most valued for their uniqueness and is most loved for their versatility in making any outfit look interesting and intriguing. That’s where our love of vintage comes from and that’s why we dedicate to build a rich selection of vintage pieces in hope of satisfying the diverse tastes of our many customers from all ages and backgrounds.

All of our vintage items are at least 20 years old:

They span many eras, styles and designers. We handpick our vintage treasures from antique shops, vintage dealers, estate sales and specialty shops across the world over the years and as early as in the 80’s. Many of them we offer here are one-of-a-kind and rare to find items!

All the vintage items that we offer are as found:

We clean each one by hand or in an ultra-sonic cleaner. Many of the signed pieces are triple-plated; thus they are substantially heavier and less prone to tarnish easily. Each piece is inspected carefully and is graded as per the Vintage Condition Grading standards below.

Mint : Hardly any signs of wear, looks brand new. Rare

Excellent : Normal signs of wear with very minor flaws; nothing very visible.

Very good : Normal signs of wear with minor flaws; they are only noticeable and detectable upon close inspection.

Good : Obvious signs of wear but structurally intact and nothing visually distracting; some discoloration and surface damage can be found upon inspection.

All descriptions and images are given to the best of our knowledge:

We make every reasonable effort, through passed-down knowledge and research on jewellery history, to determine the identity and approximate age of each item. We work hard to provide clear and concise information by presenting close up photos as best and visual descriptions as accurate as possible. If you have any questions about an item, please contact us at

*Please be aware that you may be allergic to some of the metals contained in some of these pieces (as vintage jewelry was made prior to the law prohibiting certain metals, such as nickel and nickel compounds being used in it),causing skin rash and irritation. Jemima L. takes no responsibility for any allergic reaction to these metals and the buyer buys and wears these jewelry entirely at her own risk.

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