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About Us

Our motto at Jemima L. is Live, Love & Accessorize.  


By offering a wide selection of jewellery, our wish is to share and inspire our women customers of all ages and backgrounds to experiment and find their own styles, so let each personality shined through the unique jewelry piece she so chooses and wears so with pride and a smile.

We started creating this online presence in 2017 out of passion and love of jewellery. We display collections of vintage items* ranging from designers to lesser known brands, all-time trendy pieces and rare finds curated and handpicked from across the globe.

In July 2021, we created Fleur Bleue Jewellery to offer a collection of attractive jewellery choices with high quality craftsmanship at a fraction of price. 

In 2022, we recreated a collection of Lam's Arts of Jewellery and have started offering  in-house fine jewellery designs and bespoke service.

* is a separate site we dedicate it solely to our vintage items. 

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